Core Plot (Mac OS)
Cocoa plotting framework for Mac OS X and iOS
Core Plot


Core Plot is a plotting framework for Mac OS X and iOS. It provides 2D visualization of data, and is tightly integrated with Apple technologies like Core Animation, Core Data, and Cocoa Bindings.

Getting Started

See the project wiki at for information on how to use Core Plot in your own application.

Contributing to Core Plot

Core Plot is an open source project. The project home page is on Google Code. See for instructions on how to download the source code.

Coding Standards

Everyone has a their own preferred coding style, and no one way can be considered right. Nonetheless, in a project like Core Plot, with many developers contributing, it is worthwhile defining a set of basic coding standards to prevent a mishmash of different styles which can become frustrating when navigating the code base. See the file "Coding Style.markdown" found in the documentation directory of the project source for specific guidelines.

Documentation Policy

See for instructions on how to document your code so that your comments will appear in these documentation pages.

Testing Policy

Because Core Plot is intended to be used in scientific, financial, and other domains where correctness is paramount, unit testing is integrated into the framework. Good test coverage protects developers from introducing accidental regressions and frees them to experiment and refactor without fear of breaking things. See for instructions on how to build unit tests for any new code you add to the project.